Leaked OtterBox Cases Reveal ‘iPhone 4S’ on the Packaging

Looks like more leaked cases have started to appear. First, we saw Case-Mate post then remove apparent iPhone 5 cases, and now it seems an OtterBox package has surfaced with ‘iPhone 4S’ clearly labeled on the front and showing new volume buttons–on the right side.

According to tweets posted by @chronicwire:

New soft-looking volume buttons being on right side of iPhone 4S can probably be attributed to the “volume button to take pic” iOS5 feature.

Take a look at the images below:


Still on the topic of iPhone 4S case ‘leaks’, BGR claims the following cases have started to show up at AT&T corporate locations:

Take these for what they’re worth. The OtterBox package does look real according to previous packages I’ve seen. You can check out the OtterBox Commuter Series iPhone 4 review here. Don’t get to use our exclusive coupon AMIPIC201109 to save 10% off any order.