Rogers iPhone Pre-launch Training Document Refers to ‘The New iPhone, iOS 5 and iCloud’

Back in early August we first reported on Rogers employees starting ‘iPhone pre-launch’ training, an annual occurrence. That document detailed training via Rogers Fast Track.

Now, we’ve received a further tip documenting details of that apparent training, that specifically refers to ‘new iPhone, iOS 5, and iCloud’, as seen below:

The ‘Expectations’ of the session include:

  • Explain how we are preparing for the arrival of the next iPhone.
  • Know where to find information regarding the new iPhone, iOS 5 and iCloud
  • Describe the intended next steps as we prepare for the launch of the new iPhone.
  • Accurately answer customer enquiries regarding upgrading to a new iPhone.
  • Explain how to reserve a new iPhone with the Rogers Reservation System.
  • Effectively position customers towards comparable devices in the event of stock shortages.
  • Apply positioning scenarios and statements during customer interactions.

The training is to prepare employees to deal with the launch of ‘the new iPhone’ and to also familiarize themselves with the new Rogers Reservation System, and where to find additional resources.

Early today, Rogers sent out ‘next iPhone in Canada’ notification text messages to existing customers, adding further speculation a new device(s) is around the corner.

Thanks for the email Mak (via Cooldeals)!