iPhone 4 Home Button Not Working? Fix it With iOS 5 GM

Update 1: If Personal Hotspot fails to work after upgrading to iOS 5 GM, go to Settings and ‘Reset Network Settings’. It worked for @larrylarry.

During the introduction of iOS 5 beta for developers, a few betas in people started to notice their Home buttons to stop working, or requiring more than just one press to function properly. People even had their iPhone 4s replaced at Apple Stores, believing this was a hardware issue. Many people rushed in before the end of their 1 year warranty to get phones replaced.

How to Fix your ‘Broken’ iPhone Home Button

Well, it appears it wasn’t a hardware issue at all. As reported by our tipsters, iOS 5 GM (released to developers today) fixes the Home button issue completely. So if you’re having issues with your Home button, install iOS 5 GM and your button issues will disappear.

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