How to Get Siri to Send Tweets to Twitter

If you’ve tried to ask Siri to send tweets for you, it won’t work. But there is a workaround–enable text messaging within your twitter account, and save your country’s twitter short code to your Contacts. Once your account is confirmed, all you have to do is say “Message Twitter _____ ” and you’ll be sending out a tweet with Siri!

How to Setup Siri to Send Out Tweets to Twitter

1. Go to and enable text messaging.

2. Verify your iPhone 4S with your account. The twitter short code for Canada is “21212” (here is a list of twitter long codes for your country). You’ll be asked for your username and password.

3. I disabled all text message notifications for twitter (I already have Push with Tweetbot on my iPhone).

4. Add the contact number 21212 and save the first name as “Twitter”.

5. Done. Now just ask Siri to ‘Message’ twitter with whatever you want. If you’re going to use this frequently, make sure you have a suitable text messaging plan.

Siri is getting more and more powerful everyday. Let us know how this works for you!