Steve Jobs Fan Mail Compiled In A Book Named “Letters To Steve”, Available Now

Update 1: emails sent to Tim Cook are included in the book.

A book by CNN technology writer Mark Milian titled Letters to Steve: Inside the E-mail Inbox of Apple’s Steve Jobs has just gone on sale at Amazon which, as the name implies, compiles hundreds of emails between Steve Jobs and the people that discovered his publicly available email address. The book is available for $2.99 in Kindle format only at the moment and is said to include “never-before-published e-mails”.

Here is the book description:

This book is based on interviews with many of the customers and fans Jobs communicated with. These tales reveal the intricacies of how Jobs portrayed himself as likable and accessible through direct interaction with fans. He handled customer-service inquiries himself and carefully revealed hints about upcoming Apple products, guaranteeing headlines on blogs. However, some of these letters, when analyzed, provide a glimpse into his “reality distortion field,” in which he lobs insults, bends the truth and uses misdirection in order to manipulate anyone on the receiving end.

To accompany the book’s release, CNN is running a three-part series on their website, first of which was published today which details Steve Jobs’ emails related to customer service. Here is one from the collection:

“Hi Scott, this is Steve,” Steckley recalled hearing from the other end of the phone.

“Steve Jobs?” he asked.

“Yeah,” Jobs said. “I just wanted to apologize for your incredibly long wait. It’s really nobody’s fault. It’s just one of those things.”

“Yeah, I understand.”

Then Jobs explained that he expedited the repair. “I also wanted to thank you for your support of Apple,” Jobs said. “I see how much equipment you own. It really makes my day to see someone who enjoys our products so much and who supports us in the good times and bad.”