Carrier IQ is Not on Any Rogers or Telus Devices [Update]

Update 1: Here is what the ‘Big 3’ have to say about Carrier IQ:

Bell says it does not “install or support Carrier IQ or similar programs,” Rogers tweeted “we have investigated and Carrier IQ is not on any of our devices,” and Telus says “it’s not something we’ve installed on any of our devices … we’re not dealing with them.”

With the whole world investigating and asking questions about the root kit Carrier IQ, Rogers and Telus have confirmed the tracking software is not present on any of their devices.

@RogersMary sent out a confirmation tweet, and MobileSyrup got in touch with Telus. Bell has yet to speak about the subject.

Carrier IQ was confirmed to be present on iOS, but you can turn it off by following these instructions. Are you worried about Carrier IQ?