‘Big 3’ Carriers Offering Free Long Distance to Customers in BC and Alberta

If you’re about to sign a new contract with the ‘Big 3’ carriers in Western Canada, you might want to take note of the following: Rogers, Telus, and Bell are offering unlimited long distance to three-year contract sign ups.

Your voice and data plan must be at least $50 per month, and this promo applies to new activations and renewals. Originally Bell and Telus launched the promo, but Rogers has followed suit.

Our carriers sure do like to make moves in unison, eh? At one point, Videotron in Quebec offered a 6GB data plan to its customers. The ‘Big 3’ saw this and matched the plan, which eventually included the rest of Canada. I have a feeling this long distance promo is going to spread once people start complaining about being left out.

[via MobileSyrup]