iSkin Solo, Solo FX & Solo Vu iPhone 4S Cases Review

I recently lost my iPhone case which now means my iPhone 4S is exposed to the elements. Of course, I immediately began searching for a replacement and my search brought me to iSkin (many of you will be familiar with this accessory company). Specifically, iSkin sent us the iSkin Vu, iSkin Solo, and iSkin Solo FX (special edition), so I took a closer look.

iSkin Solo/iSkin Solo FX (Special Edition)/iSkin Solo Vu

The iSkin Solo/Solo FX are soft and flexible silicone cases that are available in pink, black, blue, and purple. The Solo Vu is made from the same soft and flexible materials and is available in red, black, and purple, but the colors are slightly darker than its Solo/Solo FX counterparts.

While all the cases feel the same, the Solo FX is a little different with a unique leopard-type design on the back. The Vu is also a little different with a more sophisticated, distinct design on the back. As seen in the photos, all three cases are very slim and fit tightly around the iPhone 4/4S. Due to the silicone nature of the cases, they are extremely durable and can definitely take a beating.

Once the cases are on the device, the entire front of the iPhone 4/4S is accessible. On the side, the silent switch is exposed and the volume buttons are covered. There are also appropriate cut-outs for the speaker, microphone, headphone jack, dock connector, and the camera (with flash). The Solo Vu has an extra piece that covers the dock connector port which is great to keep out dirt and dust.

Upon further research of the cases, I found it quite interesting that these cases are made from a “new generation thermoplastic” which apparently means the cases do not contain chemicals such as “BPA’s and Pthalates”. The cases are also infused with Microban (the antimicrobial protection stuff). Cool.

The only downside to all three cases is that I found them rather difficult to take off my iPhone. Putting them on is fairly simple, but due to the cases being so form-fitting, it is tough to take them off (which actually may not necessarily be a bad thing). This also means that if you use any type of screen protector or film on your iPhone 4/4S, these cases are not for you.

The iSkin Solo/iSkin Solo FX (Special Edition)/iSkin Solo Vu are available from the iSkin online store for $29.99USD, $34.99USD, and $39.99USD respectively. I’ve also seen in them in some Apple Stores and local wireless carrier locations.