iTunes 12 Days of Christmas Day 5: Four TV Pilots That Are ‘Unforgettable Dramas’

Day 5 of the iTunes 12 Days of Christmas has arrived, and today we have four TV pilots to download, a selection that has been deemed, ‘Unforgettable Dramas’. On Day 3, we also received free TV pilots, but those were ‘Homegrown’ in Canada.

Today’s compilation of ‘Unforgettable Dramas’ have separate downloads for English and French. Here are the TV pilots for the English episodes, available in HD:

  • Damages
  • Unforgettable
  • The Big C
  • Justified

The French episodes are the same except The Big C and Justified are replaced with Breaking Bad (lucky!) and Rescue Me, and only available in standard definition.

Yesterday’s freebie was a rental of the snowboarding documentary, The Art of FLIGHT.

Downloads links for today’s free gifts: Unforgettable Dramas, Champions de Drame

Which series listed above are worth watching (Breaking Bad is a no-brainer obviously)?