Roam Mobility Offers Canadians U.S. Voice and Data Roaming via T-Mobile

Roam Mobility, a Vancouver-based company has secured a roaming deal with American carrier T-Mobile’s HSPA+ network to offer more affordable voice, data (even for the iPad), and text roaming rates for Canadians heading down south. The company’s prepaid service is set to launch on January 16th, 2012.

Users with unlocked phones and smartphones will be able to purchase Roam Mobility SIM and microSIM cards. As for compatibility with the iPhone, data will work on EDGE only. Cheaper unlocked handsets are available to purchase as well.

Roam Mobility claims over 52 million crossings a year from Canada into the U.S., and Canadians incur $800 million dollars worth of annual roaming fees, with half this amount down in the United States. Roam Mobility plans to offer an alternative to Canadians, as they claim their roaming data rates are 99% cheaper than the offerings from ‘major’ Canadian carriers (ie Rogers, Telus and Bell).

Check out the following preview of rates we exclusively have for you:

Roam Mobility Text, Talk, and Data Plan Rates (includes unlimited talk and text, Caller ID, Voicemail)

  • 1 day, 100MB, $14.95
  • 3 days, 200MB, $24.95
  • 7 days, 500MB, $44.95
  • 14 days, 1GB, $69.95
  • 30 days, 2GB, $99.95

Roam Mobility Talk and Text Rates (unlimited talk and text, Caller ID, Voicemail)

  • 1 day, 100MB, $9.95
  • 3 days, 200MB, $14.95
  • 7 days, 500MB, $24.95
  • 14 days, 1GB, $39.95
  • 30 days, 2GB, $59.95

Data Plans  (optional for plans; will work for tablets such as the iPad)

  • 500MB, $29.95
  • 1GB, $39.95
  • 2GB, $59.95
  • 5GB, $99.95

Products Available for Purchase

  • Roam Mobility SIM card: $19.95
  • Breeze Phone: $39.95 (plans include calls/texts to and from Canada/USA)
  • 1 day, unlimited talk and text, $9.95
  • 3 days, unlimited talk and text, $14.95
  • 7 days, unlimited talk and text, $24.95
  • 14 days, unlimited talk and text, $39.95
  • 30 days, unlimited talk and text, $59.95
  • Liberty Mobile Hotspot: $129.95 (plans valid for 30 days; up to 5 connected devices)
  • 500MB, $29.95
  • 1GB, $39.95
  • 2GB, $59.95
  • 5GB, $99.95

So essentially it will work like this: if you are heading down to the USA, you purchase either an unlocked phone (a pretty basic one) from Roam Mobility if you don’t own one, or you buy a SIM/microSIM card.

You then subscribe to one of their talk/text, talk/text/data, or data only plans. You will be able to renew or top up via text message or calling customer care. You can even schedule the start date of your plans. No contracts or other hidden fees.

If you are a frequent traveller down south, these plans make it easy to setup everything in Canada before you arrive in the U.S. I like the fact all talk and text is unlimited to and from Canada/USA and includes caller ID and voicemail. The roaming data plans are also pretty ‘cheap’ when you compare them to similar offerings from Rogers, Telus or Bell. Definitely some pretty good value here.

Starting January 16th, Roam Mobility products will be able to purchased online, and other retailers will be announced. In Calgary, products will be available from Pipestone and at Wanderlust in Vancouver.

So, anyone here interested in Roam Mobility’s upcoming offerings?

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