Call of Duty Elite iPhone App To Hit the App Store Tomorrow

It’s only natural that the world’s fastest-selling entertainment product would make its way to the already bustling App Store in one way or another and tomorrow, the Call Of Duty Elite app will get more than a few downloads.

The “Elite” online counterpart to the immensely successful franchise offers the ability to create teams, track stats, strategize and run in-game competitions, among other things.

MacRumors quotes Chacko Sonny at Beachhead Studio, pointing out which parts of the Elite service will be included in the app:

– Career Summary: A “back of the baseball card” assessment of the players stats, and a way to look up other players cards and statistics

– Recent Matches: “Fantasy football analysis” of recent games played

– Challenges: Track challenges in-game (achievements for performing certain tasks or leveling up a gun) and allows players to find the quickest ways to level up and have that information by their side while playing.

– Custom Classes: Perhaps the most useful feature, gives the player the ability to make any changes to custom classes and push those changes to the game. Sonny noted this was the most common way that beta testers used the app.

Image: MacRumors

Imagine hearing about a great combination you’d like to try with one of your classes while heading home on the bus. Open up your Call of Duty Elite app and set it all up right then and there. When you get home, you’re already set to play.

Sonny confirms that the free app will increase in functionality and that a tablet version is forthcoming:

We view this as the foundation. We want to hear from the community: how do they use this? What parts do they like? What parts aren’t as useful? We want to drive additional development going forward from people who play the game every single day. That’s going to help us deliver a better set of iterated features going forward, and for the forthcoming tablet version as well.

Call of Duty players! Is this something you’ll use?