Foxconn Building 5 New Factories In Brazil To Meet Apple’s Manufacturing Demands

Apple’s major iPhone / iPad parts suppliers Foxconn is reportedly planning to build at least 5 more manufacturing facilities in Brazil in order to meet Apple’s growing iPad production demands (via AppleInsider). These factories are expected to produce approximately 400 million iPad units in the next five years. In addition to helping supply Apple with iPads, the factories will also produce notebooks and some general electronics. Each factory will reportedly staff 1000 workers.

Citing from the source:

Apple product assembler Foxconn plans to build five additional factories in Brazil to help cater to demand iPads and other tablets, which are expected to combine for an annual run rate of nearly 400 million units within five years. says the news was revealed by São Paulo’s Secretary of Planning and Development of the State, Julio Semeghini. He said the five factories, which are in addition to the one already believed to be turning out iPads and iPhones, will each staff roughly 1000 workers.

The locations of these new factories will be decided once officials from Foxconn and the Brazilian government will meet following the Chinese New Year.