Reminder: Save Your iOS 5.0.1 SHSH Blobs Before It’s Too Late

Apple could release iOS 5.1 to the public anytime now and when that happens, the window for saving iOS 5.0.1 SHSH blobs will be closed forever. As of now, every iPhone, iPod touch and iPad model is jailbreak-able untethered on iOS 5.0.1 using latest versions of popular jailbreak tools like Redsn0w, Absinthe or CLI. Therefore it is highly recommended that you save the latest SHSH blobs for all your iOS devices using latest TinyUmbrella.

@Notcom has posted a short reminder regarding this on TinyUmbrella blog:

“With the quiet time between jailbreak and iOS version, make sure you get your SHSHs saved. I’ve been working on the TinyUmbrella rewrite (albeit sparingly due to real life demands). It’s important to make sure you have your 5.0.1 SHSHs tucked away safe. There is no guarantee that we’ll have things this good again.”

You can get the latest version of TinyUmbrella for your operating system via the following links: