New Elevation Dock Surpasses $1.2 Million in Kickstarter Pledges

All the iPhone docks I have ever used, have been a real pain in the a$$ to deal with. They can be hard to dock and undock, usually doesn’t fit in the dock with a case on your iPhone, and they can feel flimsy and not support the device properly. Well, Casey Hopkins from Portland, Oregon looks to fix all of these issues with the Elevation Dock. He is calling it “the best dock for iPhone”, and judging from the video, I would have to agree.

YouTube video

Casey hoped to have raised $75,000 to get this project going, but he has already received over $1.2 million in pledges, and it would seem that he has a huge success on his hands, even before shipping the first unit. With many distributors on board, hopefully we’ll see these at retailers all over the world.

You can pre-order your own Elevation dock for as little at $59, with many different packages available for consumers and distributors. The Elevation Dock is expected to start shipping in April of this year, and will retail for about $90.