ABC Releases ‘iFactory: Inside Apple’ Documentary Teaser [VIDEO]

Apple recently gave exclusive access to ABC ‘Nightline’ for airing a documentary regarding what life is like for workers in Foxconn factories manufacturing Apple products. As a result, ABC’s corespondent Bill Weir traveled to Shenzhen, China to take a look at so called “iFactories” and shot the exclusive documentary, a teaser trailer for which has been released today (via 9to5Mac). The full ‘iFactory: Inside Apple’ report is scheduled to air on a special edition of ‘Nightline’ due tomorrow, February 21, at 11:35pm ET/PT.

An article published by ABC News provides a grim description of working conditions inside Foxconn plants:

“Okay.” “Okay.” “Okay.”

The voices are robot feminine and they never shut up, each chirp a surreal announcement that another new iPad is about to be born.

“Okay.” “Okay.” “Okay.”

The factory floor is spotless under the bright fluorescent lights and with hypnotic rhythm, thousands of hands reach into a conveyor belt river, bringing each gliding gadget to life one tiny piece at a time.

“Okay.” “Okay.”

A supervisor will bark the occasional order in Mandarin, but on this line the machines do most of the talking while the people work in silence.

Their faces are blank as they insert a chip or wipe a screen or plug in a diagnostic cable to hear that everything is “Okay.”

And they will repeat that motion and hear that fembot voice a few thousand more times before lunch.

It is just an average day at Foxconn.

Here is the upcoming ‘iFactory: Inside Apple’ documentary teaser: