CydiaBulletin Notification Center Widget Coming Soon [Cydia Tweak]

If you’re not familiar with the jailbreak community, Cydia is an alternate store where you can download themes and tweaks to further enhance your iDevice, more than what Apple has allowed you to. You can change the look of the UI, and even change how your iDevice functions. One of the more prominent developers, Ryan Petrich, has been working on a new widget for Notification Center that will let you know when you have updates available in Cydia. He just Tweeted this screenshot yesterday.

This is a widget a lot of folks will be looking forward to. Cydia has never really had fully functioning push notifications, so you would have to launch Cydia occasionally to see if there are any updates. With this widget, we’ll be able to see our updates right in the notification center. Ryan usually releases his stuff in the Big Boss repo (which is added to Cydia by default), but if you want to follow the beta versions of some of his work, add Ryan’s personal repo: