Made In Brazil iPhone 4 Handsets Hit The Stores [PHOTO]

According to a report by Meio Bit (via MacRumors), Apple has started selling made in Brazil 8 GB iPhone 4 handsets through its online store in Brazil, with black and white models as MD128BR/A and MD198BR/A respectively. The reference number MD198BR was previously seen on a leaked iPhone 4 from Brazil. However, as the source notes, Apple’s decision to start selling domestically-manufactured iPhone 4 units in Brazil has not led to a price drop. Meanwhile, Brazilian manufactured iPhone 4S handsets are yet to show up in the Apple inventory.

Citing the source:

While Apple has now transitioned to selling domestically-manufactured iPhone 4 units in Brazil, pricing has yet to come down. It is unclear whether Apple and Foxconn have yet to meet all requirements or receive certification from the Brazilian government that would make the devices exempt from the hefty import taxes or if there are other factors in play.

The iPhone 4S and 8 GB iPhone 4 debuted in Brazil in mid-December, but early models were manufactured in China and carried very high pricing with the iPhone 4S starting at the equivalent of over $1400. With exchange rate fluctuations that figure is now over $1500, while the cheaper 8 GB iPhone 4 still comes in at a hefty $1050. The unlocked iPhone 4 is priced at $549 in the United States.

iPhone 4S units are still carrying the “BZ” model numbers in Brazil identifying them as made in China.