Element Case Vapor Pro for iPhone 4/4S [Review]

If you are an outdoors kinda iPhone person, or just someone who is clumsy with your iPhone, you’re probably always on the look out for a case that is going to save you from any kind of accident. We got to take a look at the Vapor Pro case from Element Case. Element Case make high end, durable cases. They have just introduced a new limited edition “Tactical” line up, but we are taking a look at the Vapor Pro – Spectra, in black/silver.

First impressions, just based on holding the box, is that this is no doubt a high end product. The case itself is a combination of a “bumper” case and a skin for the back plate. The bumper is made of machined aluminum and composite materials. It is light and slim, adding very minimal weight and bulk to the device. The bumper has cushions in the corners, to hold the iPhone in place wothout sctraching the iPhone, and these provide shock absorbtion, if you happen to drop you iPhone. With the model that we received, the back protection is made of genuine “ultrasuede”, and feels great in your hand.

Installing this case is not the conventional way you may be used to, but it still easy. The case is connected at two opposing corners with 4 small hex bolts. You just loosen them up with the tool provided, pop your iPhone in, and tightened the bolts up. Then you just peel and stick the back plate protection, and you’re done.

Element Case also supplied us with the optional Vapor Transit Kit, which includes a screen protector and zip around case, to add even more protection. I didn’t use the screen protector, as I already have another product protecting my screen, but the zip around case fits snuggly around the iPhone. It feels hard and durable, and will give you even more protection from the elements.

The Vapor Pro is excellent protection for your iPhone 4/4S. With the Vapor Pro installed, and zipped securely in the Transit case, I had no fear in throwing my iPhone around the house with no worry of shock damage or a shattered screen. The design is sleek, but does add a bit more of an industrial feel to the iPhone. The openings for the dock connector and headphone jack are wide enough to support 3rd party accessories, although I found the opening for the silent and volume buttons to be a little too deep, making it a little difficult to access the buttons. The Vapor Pro and Vapor COMP come in many different colours and styles, so there should be something there for everybody.

They currently have a limited edtion “Tactical” line, which is perfect for the outdoorsman. Many different camoflage configurations to choose from.

I mentioned that this is a “high end” product. Well, with a high end product comes a high end price tag. The Vapor Pro starts at $129.00 and goes up to $159.00, depending on the model you choose. The Vapor Transit Kit goes for $29.99. This may be a deal breaker for a lot of you, I know, but if you are in the market for a high end case, with this high level of protection, you’ll have no problem shelling out the bucks for an Element Case. To compare, you might pay Apple $99 for their Apple Care Protection, but you would still have to suffer the loss of your device, while Apple replaces is. You can order all Element Case’s products right from their website.