Add Weather Widget To Your iOS 5 Lock Screen With ‘Forecast’ [Cydia]

A brand now jailbreak tweak has just hit the Cydia store which lets you add a pretty neat weather widget to your iOS lock screen. It’s called Forecast and has been developed by iOS developer @Stimpy5050. Once you download and install the Forecast tweak, you’ll be able to display the weather along with time and date, replacing the default lock screen clock. To switch between current weather or weekly forecast, simply swipe side-to-side just like the Notification Center weather widget.

(Image via ModMyi)

Below is the official description:

Forecast replaces your regular lockscreen clock with an updated iOS5 native weather widget. The updated widget includes the time and date and an icon to let you manually refresh the weather at any time.Forecast is smart enough to reduce data usage by only refreshing on the lockscreen at most every 15 minutes. Additionally, when weather updates are not available, you can still see the last weather and forecast with an unobtrusive icon in the corner to tell you that weather is offline.

Forecast has no settings or application icons. To disable, remove the tweak.

Forecast is copyrighted by dba Technologies, LLC

You can download it from ModMyi repo on Cydia at an introductory price of $0.99.