Shark Dash – A Battle For Bathtub Supremacy [Video Review]

The App Store is filling up with flick-catapult control style games – from Angry Birds, to Siege Hero and now Shark Dash. The goal of developers is to tweak them enough to make them feel fresh and new. Gameloft has succeeded with Shark Dash.

This physics puzzler features Sharkee and his friends. They’re enjoying life in their bathtub when their world is flipped upside down by a a group of rubber ducks. They kidnap Sharkee’s girlfriend and now you must save her.

If you’ve played other flick catapult type games, the controls will be very familiar. You pull back on the sharks tail and launch him. The goal is to eat all the ducks, collect all the coins and do it within a set number of tries. Doing so will give you three stars.

There are of course a number of obstacles and traps along the way to keep you thinking. What’s cool is you can bounce your shark off the tub, and even move some of the obstacles to help you eat all the ducks and collect the coins.

Currently there are four worlds, each with 24 levels to get through – and there are various others sharks you’ll meet and be able to use in different levels. Each shark has its own special abilities. Some levels you’ll even be able to use two sharks to try to eat all the ducks and collect the coins.

Here’s my video review of Shark Dash.

YouTube video

Along the way as you collect coins, they can be used to skip levels, unlock worlds, redo a turn and change your sharks look. If you’re really desperate, you can even use real money to buy more coins and advance in the game faster. Personally I don’t see the need in this type of game.

From my video, you can see Shark Dash offers a fresh new look to these physics puzzlers, and is a lot of fun to play. Getting three stars on all the levels can be quite difficult, which makes the $0.99 price tag well worth it.

Plus it’s a universal app, so you don’t need to buy it again to get it on your iPad or iPod Touch.

Let me know what you think of Shark Dash.


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