Redsn0w Will Soon Support Downgrading Your Firmware for iPhone 4S, iPad 2, and iPad 3

In a recent Tweet, Musclenerd, of The iPhone Dev Team, announced that an upcoming version of Redsn0w will allow iOS users to downgrade their firmware, with saved SHSH blobs. This includes iPad 2, The New iPad, and iPhone 4S.

This is pretty big news for jailbreakers. Previously, there was no way to downgrade to an earlier iOS 5. If you have SHSH blobs saved for a firmware earlier than iOS 5, you were in luck, but for newer devices that don’t support older firmwares, this was not possible. Musclenerd says this will work with A4 and A5 devices, so does this mean they have a working jailbreak ready to go for these newer devices?

Another big thing to note is that this was only previously possible using Pwnage Tool to create a custom firware, then restore in iTunes. Now, with this new Redsn0w that “stitches on the fly”, this process will be greatly streamlined. Could this mean that Pwnage Tool and Redsn0w will be merging into one super jailbreak tool? We’ll see.

There has been no release date for the new Redsn0w, but we’ll be watching this closely, and let you know this develops.