Vavo: The Universal Stand For iPhone & Other Devices

A new Kickstarter project was recently brought to my attention that is collecting funding for a truly universal smartphone stand and mount.

It is called “Vavo” and it features two functions: standing your device at a variety of angles and mounting your device on flat vertical surfaces.

The other neat aspect of the Vavo is its very small and ultra portable size. It’s actually so small that it fits nicely on a keychain.


As per the specs, the stand is made from hard plastic and a specially formulated sticky pad. The pad apparently sticks to more surfaces than a regular suction cup or magnet and leaves no residue.

The project currently has 235 supporters that have pledged just over $4,700. Their goal is $10,000 and there’s 46 days left. If you decide to pledge, $10 gets you a free stand. Check it out!