Incase Capsule In Ear Earphones [REVIEW]

I’m just going to come flat out and say it.

I absolutely despise the Apple In-Ear Headphones with Remote And Mic.

I found all of the different sized earbuds would not fit comfortably, and acted like suctions in my ear canals, hurting my ears after only a minute.  The chord felt rather flimsy, and would tangle way to easily.  The sound quality was just meh and for its price was just not what I was looking for.

Needless to say, I returned them to the Apple Store the very next day.

Incase's minimalist design superbly complement Apple's products.

Incase, known for its Apple cases and bags has ventured into the ever-burgeoning earphone with mic market with its Capsule line of earbuds and it has definitely entered the market with what is sure to be a best-seller.

Durability and Function

After testing out the Capsules for a bit, what strikes me the most is the quality of workmanship and the thought put into the functionality.

Right off the bat, I noticed how sturdy the cord was.  Usually I tend to just shove my earbuds in my pocket, so it does get a little frustrating when you get them back out in a tangled mess.  It was a pleasant surprise that this does not happen with the Incase Capsules.  The rubberized chord feels very durable, is very flexible, and it has yet to get tangled.

Other earbud manufacturers overlook one of the main pressure points of their buds, the plug-in jack.  The Capsules have a durable jack that is covered in a thick rubber/plastic coating that is very difficult to bend.


I’ve already praised Incase’s knack for designing sharply-designed products that complement

The rubberized tip is very sturdy and does not feel it can snap easily.

Apple’s products in previous posts, and the Capsule earphones are no different.

The seamless design flows from eartip to connector and the perfectly placed remote works well.  I appreciate the size of the remote as its size makes it a breeze to control your volumes, skip to the next track, and answer calls.


I’m probably not the only person that is not the biggest fan of the in-ear earbuds.  It seems almost unnatural to have to shove something that far into your ear canal, especially for long periods of time.

That being said, I was pleasantly surprised by how comfortable they felt in my ears.  Even after an hour jog, the Capsules sat comfortably in my ear canals and only on occasion did I have to push them back in.


One thing I personally look for in earbuds is a lot of bass without relying on the EQ settings of my iPod/iPhone.  While the Capsules did not output a very strong base level, the treble range was very good.

I couldn’t complain about the noise isolation either.  Walking to work through Toronto’s bustling financial district, the Capsules are very capable of isolating the honking traffic and other street noise.

Where the Capsules really do excel is in call sound quality.  I never had any problems with people hearing me on the other end of the line and vice versa.  There have been some complaints of the positioning of the remote, but it was probably done so the mic was placed at the perfect distance from your mouth.

The larger-than-usual remote makes it simple to navigate through your music and answer your calls


For approximately $50, the Capsules are priced at a mere $15 more than the price of replacing the earphones that come with your iPhone 4S, and a whopping $40 less than Apple’s In-Ear Headphones.

They come with a nifty carrying case made of the same high-grade rubber.  But in all honesty, the Capsules have held up pretty well under high-strain situations, so I haven’t had to use the case yet.  I’ve instead used it as a coin-carrier and it works like a charm!

Final Verdict

Who would have thought Incase could have produced an excellent earbud option for Apple users (They work with the iPad and Macbook as well)?  Incase has stated that these Capsules work with other smartphones, but third-party connectors are required.

The Capsules provide exceptional value especially at its price point and its sound quality definitely holds up against many of the more expensive options in the market.

The Capsules’ tangle-free cord, comfort, style, durability and price point all make these buds a worthy investment.

The Incase Capsules in black/green and white/pink are available nationwide at Apple Stores, and  also in grey/teal and brown/orange (along with the black/green + white/pink) at Livestock, Schreter, Accessory Bar, Spare Parts and other stores selling Incase products.