Apple Wins A Plethora Of New Patents Related To iOS, iPad, Apple TV & More

Patently Apple is reporting that Apple has been granted 27 new patents by the US Patent and Trademark Office which include a wide array of design wins for Apple TV, iOS layout for iPad, iPad packaging and a possible new icon. The most interesting of them all is the one that relates to cameras and more particularly to determining exposure settings for the image capturing iOS devices.

In an Apple patents figure, a portable handheld device is shown having a built-in digital camera and a touch sensitive screen while another figure shows an embodiment of a wireless image capturing device.

Detailing from the source:

Apple’s Patent Abstract: several methods and apparatuses for implementing automatic exposure mechanisms for image capturing devices are described. In one embodiment, an automatic exposure mechanism can use data from a light meter of an image capturing device to determine a metered exposure value associated with incident light. The automatic exposure mechanism can determine a rule based exposure value based on a predetermined rule and exposure settings (e.g., a predetermined light sensitivity of a capture media and a predetermined f-number of the image capturing device). The automatic exposure mechanisms can select either the metered exposure value or the rule based exposure value to set an exposure setting for the image capturing device.

Apple has also been granted for another camera related patent titled “Electro-mechanical shutter control”, which was filed over a year ago.