Watch The Magic Behind How Apple Anodizes Aluminum For Its Products

If you’ve ever wondered how Apple gets color into their aluminum products, or if you just enjoy science and engineering, then check out this video by Bill Hammack the Engineer Guy.

As many know, Apple uses an anodized aluminum finish on many of its products to keep them from corroding and to also provide a tough, scratch-resistant surface.

Some products that exemplify this are the iPod nano, iPod shuffle, and MacBook line. Aside from durability, the aluminum finish looks nice and provides that signature Apple look. However there’s some magic behind the entire process.


The video below provides a brief, but detailed, description of how oxidizing aluminum can create a hard and protective layer that can then be dyed to provide color.

YouTube video

The next time you’re at an Apple Store, you’ll now be able to fully appreciate just how amazing the process is to produce those vibrantly colored Apple products.

[via TUAW]

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