Angry Birds Space Update Brings 10 Tasty New Levels

Rovio Mobile’s latest Angry Birds game, the Angry Birds Space that took the crown of becoming the fastest growing mobile game ever by surpassing 50 Million downloads in just 35 days of its launch, has just received its first major update. The update takes you to a food-themed planet with 10 new levels featuring pop corns and jelly trampolines.

From the official Angry Birds blog:

The wait is over. We know you’ve been asking for new levels, we know a lot of you have 3 starred Angry Birds Space, and we know that some of you have even beaten the Danger Zone.

So, here it is, our next episode, with more planets and more sweetness:Utopia! 

We won’t get too bogged down with the details, but here are a couple of important points:

#1 There’s food. And lots of it.
#2 Why is it called Utopia? Because our fans are awesome.

Here are the iTunes details of the update:

Welcome to the delicious food planet of Utopia! These 10 delectable new levels filled with popcorn, cookies, and candy apples are good enough to eat — at least the pigs think so!

Munch your way through 10 tasty new levels!

Bounce birds off jelly trampolines!

Pop corn to create delicious mayhem!

The update is now live in the App store. You can grab it for your device from here: