Patent Uncovers Apple’s Amazing New Fault Monitoring Battery System

A new patent pending application from Apple published yesterday by the US Patent & Trademark Office (via Patently Apple) has revealed Apple’s amazing new fault monitoring battery system, that will generate an alert or disable use of the iPhone, iPod or the iPad containing the battery pack. The patent indicates that the fault may be indicated through a visual alert such as a color-changing mechanism, or through an audible alarm. The monitoring system will feature an air sensor, moisture sensor, temperature sensor and a pressure sensor in order to detect punctures, swelling or heat buildup in the battery pack.

Detailing from the source:

Apple states that the conductive mechanism includes one or more conductive traces disposed within one or more layers of material inside the battery pack. As a result, the conductive mechanism may detect penetration of the battery pack from open circuits and/or changes in resistance in individual conductive traces, as well as short circuits between pairs of conductive traces. 

Another feature includes a color-changing mechanism which includes one or more layers of enclosure material that change color upon exposure to air and/or in response to changes in temperature or mechanical stress. The color-changing mechanism may thus detect and indicate physical damage to the battery pack, puncturing of the enclosure material, and/or heat buildup in the battery pack.

The battery pack monitoring system may apply to MacBooks, iPads, iPhones and iPod touches.