Pod2g Interviewed At HITB 2012

Pod2g, seen in the middle of the jailbreak dream team photo above, has been the go to guy for the last two untethered jailbreaks. These came in the form of Absinthe, and Absinthe 2.0. With some help from The Chronic Dev Team and The iPhone Dev Team, pod2g has made a name for himself in the jailbreak community, finding the exploits needed to create these jailbreaks.

Recently, pod2g and his dream team introduced Absinthe 2.0 at the is year’s Hack In The Box Security Conference. The folks over at Redmond Pie got a chance to sit down with pod2g, and ask a few questions. It was a short interview, but a few great questions were asked. Rather than paraphrase, we’ll just share the interview with you. Here is the interview between Craig Fox of Redmond Pie, and pod2g.

Craig Fox: Hello Pod2g, so my first question is a simple one: What is the story behind your Twitter handle/nick Pod2g?
Pod2g: Hi Craig, ok so I chose this name because I joined Twitter when the iPod2g (2nd-generation) was being released and thought it was a perfect name for my Twitter account. I immediately contacted ‘Chronic Dev Team’ and began helping them with the Jailbreak.

(Pod2g’s real name is Cyril)

Craig Fox: What age were you when you got into programming?
Pod2g: I was 6 years old. I started on my father’s computer ZX Spectrum, and he bought me a book with basic source code, I copied the stuff from the book, then I started to understand code and started to write my own at the age of 8.

Craig Fox: What is your favorite programming language?
Pod2g: My favorite language is Java. It’s very weird because in those days Java was not getting good press in the security field. It is good because you write some code one time and it works on any system that supports the Java platform, and this object programming language is one of the most advanced object languages out there.

Craig Fox: If you could add one feature to Java what would it be?
Pod2g: They have done a great job with JNA (Java Native Access), but in recent builds JNA is not included in the standard Java runtime, so you have to include it in your library on your project so you are able to use it. So, I would say I would like Java to include JNA as the standard API.

Craig Fox: To date, what is the coolest project you have worked on?
Pod2g: Without a doubt the coolest project I’ve worked on is the latest Absinthe Jailbreak, and what we did with Corona + Rocky Racoon is very nice.

Craig Fox: What’s the worst thing to happen to you whilst making a Jailbreak?

(Nikias Bassen aka Pimskeks instantly said Geohot’s release of Limera1n on this)

Pod2g: Yes, I would say the release of Limera1n hurt us a lot at first, but in the end it was the right move, we feel as Limera1n worked on many more devices than SHAtter did. And I can say, as a few months have passed that this was the right move from him. So it wasn’t really the worst thing that happened but it was at the time.

Craig Fox: Have you coded anything for the App Store?
Pod2g: No, but I wanted to make one App for DJ’S, as I used to be a DJ and I felt there are no good Apps in the App Store for DJs to scratch. (I suggested Djay to him here)
Pod2g: Djay’s scratch algorithm is all wrong, it sucks. (So make a better one I said) to which he replied “I have but I have no plans to release it”.

Craig Fox: So maybe we will see a Pod2g dev company in the future?
Pod2g: Yes, why not.

Craig Fox: What do you think Apple will announce at WWDC this year?
Pod2g: I think Apple will for sure announce iOS 6 and a new iPhone.

Craig Fox: And finally will you be at WWJC (JailbreakCon)?
Pod2g: I will be there to speak and not only that, but to do a small hacking workshop.

I think we will continue to see more from pod2g, as he is the current “hot shot” on the scene. He joins geohot and comex in the jailbreak hall of fame, in my opinion. I look forward to seeing what he has to say and show, at this year’s World Wide Jailbreak Convention.