Canada Set To Pass 100% Wireless Penetration Rate In 3 Years

The Globe And Mall is reporting that over 3/4 population of Canada owned at least one wireless device at the end of 2011 but now, that number is expected to grow as it is becoming increasingly common for consumers to own more than one mobile device. As a result of Canadians’ growing affection with cell phones, the country is set to surpass 100% wireless penetration in about three years. Since majority of these cellular devices are data hungry smartphones and tablets, wireless carriers are also seeing their data traffic growth by 5% every week.

According to the source:

“Today, more than 26 million Canadians have a mobile phone or wireless device – a number that continues to experience significant growth every year,” said Bernard Lord, chief executive officer of the Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association, in an address to the 2012 Canadian Telecom Summit in Toronto on Monday.

“And we expect to see over 100-per-cent [wireless] penetration in just the next few years.”

Canadians, are recognized for being global leaders in smartphone and tablet adoption – and their voracious appetite for mobile data, especially video, is rapidly changing the economics of the wireless industry.

Similar market saturation is seen in some European countries, where it is common for consumers to own multiple cellphones or SIM cards in order to avoid roaming charges while travelling across the continent.