Trygger Camera Case Brings a Polarizing Filter to your iPhone Camera

Kickstarter is full of great projects trying to get off the ground, and a lot of them are iPhone related. Today we are taking a look at a new iPhone case that has a polarized lens add-on for your iPhone’s camera. The case is called the Trygger Camera Case.

The case is nicely designed with a sliding panel on the back that allows you to use polarization when you want to. Polarization allows you to finely tune how much light is being let through the camera lens. You know how you always seem to get the best photos at dawn or dusk, when the sun isn’t blaring down on you? With polarizing the light that comes through, you can get the perfect lighting any time of day, without the annoying glare and reflections.

An example of before and after the polarized lens was used.

  • Professional photographers have relied on polarizing filters to clean up noisy light for decades. The Camera Case brings that same polarizing filter to your iPhone camera, built-in and always ready to take great pictures. It cuts out glare and unwanted reflections while making colors more vibrant and contrast sharper. It makes the world through your phone look more like the world you see through your eyes so you can capture all of life’s moments the way you remember them.
  • The polarizing filter cuts out glare and unwanted reflections, without blocking your flash. It is made by placing a color neutral polarizing film between two layers of high grade optical Borosilicate glass. Each of your snapshots will be crisp, clean and ready to show off.
  • The adjustable filter also lets you capture more vibrant colors that are truer to what your eyes see. The world through your phone has never looked this good.
  • The filter is adjustable so you can change how much light comes through. You’ll have more control over the look of your photos, as you shoot them.
  • There are no pieces to carry with you to attach (or lose). Just slide the felt-lined back up and you’re ready. You’ll be the quickest shot around.
  • 1.8mm of high-strength polycarbonate means your iPhone can be fully protected and keep its thin profile. Think of it as peace of mind for when you climb that tree to get the perfect angle.

The Trygger Camera case is not quite in production yet. They have started up a Kickstarter page, to try and raise the funds needed to go into production. They have many different pledges set up, from $1 to just show your support, or up to $10,000 to become a distributor. If you pledge $35 now, you’ll be one of the first to get your hands on one of these cases. They will retail for $49.95, so this is a killer early bird deal.

Click HERE to head over ot their Kickstarter page and pledge now!

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