Time Waster of the Month: Slingshot Racing [Video Review]

For June’s Time Waster of the Month I’ve picked Slingshot Racing from Crescent Moon Games and Snowbolt Interactive.

This is a racing game with some new twists. First, instead of cars, you are racing bobsleds along the ice. Secondly, you use a grappling hook to navigate the turns and adjust your speed.

The basic idea is simple. Tap on the screen to release your grappling hook. Then lift your finger to release it. Depending on your timing you’ll either slingshot yourself around the turn quickly, giving your bobsled more momentum — or you’ll actually slow yourself down.

It can be difficult to try to explain, so watch my video review to see Slingshot Racing in action.

YouTube video

As I mentioned in the video, there are 64 races to complete. They include time trials, races against opponents and even races to collect cogs as fast as possible.

There is even a multi-player option for up to four people — and you only need one device. Because of this, the multi-player option really is best suited for the iPad and its bigger screen.

Slingshot Racing is a universal app and is available in the App Store for $2.99

Let me know what you think of the slingshot type controls and the game overall.