Full List of Siri’s New Features as Noted at WWDC 2012

Apple announced the biggest update to Siri yesterday at WWDC 2012, with new sports, restaurants and movie capabilities. During the keynote, Scott Forstall was on stage to announce the latest features. Most of them appeared shortly on a slide.

We took at look at that slide and listed the details of what to expect for the ‘new’ Siri:

Get sports scores
Ask about movies
Eyes Free
Launch an app
Make dinner reservations

English Premier League
Italian Serie A
Dutch Eredivisie
French Ligue 1
Spanish La Liga
German Bundesliga
NCAA Football
NCAA Basketball
Check out team rosters
Get game schedules
Check player stats
Ask for team standings

FaceTime someone
Send a text
Review your schedule
Create a reminder
Send mail
Move a meeting
Setup a meeting
Find movie reviews
Get a stock price
Make a call
Reply to a text
Dictate a note
Play a movie trailer
Play a song
Listen to notifications
Get weather
Get movie facts
Find a local business
Find a theater
Get answers
Get showtimes for movies
Get restaurant reviews
Find your friends
Set an alarm

The most important update was the addition of language support for Canada in both English and French, along with local search. Sources tell us Siri in Canada now works exactly as advertised (it’s actually downright awesome now), so those griping now have something to look forward to (on their 4S and new iPad) when iOS 6 is released this Fall. Who’s excited?