‘Blazing Fast’ Facebook iPhone App Update Coming This Summer

Are you a Facebook addict (or stalker)? If you find the iPhone app painfully slow, an update is coming soon that will transform the app into a much speedier one, according to Nick Bilton from the New York Times. He spoke with two anonymous Facebook engineers about a significant update coming this summer:

I had the opportunity to see the as-yet unreleased iPhone application, and it is fast. Blazing fast. The two engineers I spoke with said the new application is being tested by Facebook developers and is expected to be updated this summer.

Don’t get too excited, though. The new Facebook app looks exactly like the old one. Facebook hasn’t changed the design, but rather focused on speed.

The speed differences will be the result of the new app being built entirely in Objective-C, the primary language for iOS apps, instead of its current setup where it relies on HTML5, and pulls data every single time from the web. Facebook fans, stayed tuned as this sounds like a much anticipated update for many. “Liked!”

[via NYT]