JuiceBuddy – Cordless Keychain iPhone Charger

The struggle to keep our iPhone’s charged is a constant one. If you’re like me, you’ve got a charger in every room of the house, one or two in the car, and one at work. I also use a Mophie Juice pack when I’m going to be away from a power outlet for a while. I’m sure you have had an experience where you have forgotten your charger at home, and end up running out of juice before you can find another charger.

Then along comes the “JuiceBuddy”. Not to be confused with the appliance the makes healthy smoothies, this is a portable iPhone charger that fits right on you key chain. Even better, you don’t need a cord to connect your iPhone. You simply flip down the prongs and plug the JuiceBuddy into the wall. Then flip open the cap on top to expose the dock connector, and plug in your iPhone. Also, if you remove the key ring on the bottom you have regular USB 2.0 port to charge any other kind of device.


This is definitely the most convenient and portable charger I have ever seen. This charger is not much bigger than the Apple charger that comes with your iPhone, and it attaches to your key chain, AND you don’t even need the cable to connect your iPhone. I should say, I do not have any hands on experience with this charger, but the idea is terrific.

To top it all off, this charger is only $24.95. You can order the JuiceBuddy online, here.

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