AquaPac Review: This is How you Swim With an iPhone [VIDEO]

It’s not wise to use your iPhone or other electronics near or in water. It’s a recipe for disaster. But it never fails, you’re without your iPhone and realize you really need it. That’s where the AquaPac can save you. It’s a waterproof housing for your electronics.

The pouches are made of a special polymer that’s very sturdy yet incredibly flexible and translucent.  It’s rated an IPX8 – the highest waterproof standard. It even allows you to use iPhone’s touchscreen while inside the case. That’s perfect if you want to make a call, shoot video or even play a game.

Ok, but does it really work? As a product reviewer I tend to be careful with not only the product I’m testing but with my devices as well. So to put the AquaPac to the test, I let my 3-year-old son have at it while on vacation in the swimming pool.

Here’s the video results.

YouTube video

The AquaPac performed perfectly. My iPhone stayed dry and works as it should. It was really fun to use it while in the pool. We definitely got more than a few looks from people who couldnt believe we had the iPhone in the water.

As the video shows, the audio and picture quality is good. I could have made the video quality even better had a made sure the AquaPac was pulled closer to the lens.

I do however wish the AquaPac floated. You can add some foam or something else that floats to achieve this, but it would be nice for the price you’re paying for that to come standard.

This is a very solid waterproof case for your iPhone. I realize there are cheaper options out there, but when it comes to protection my iOS devices, I feel a lot better trusting a company with a great reputation. You can check out AquaPac here.

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