ego iPhone Case with Removable USB Drive

Multi-functional iPhone case have always sparked my interest. We have seen cases that double as a wallet, a bottle opener, or even an iPhone charger. Today we are taking a look at a new case from ego that has a USB drive built in. Their new “Hybrid” series comes in many great colors and you can mix and match the colors of the case and the colors of the USB drive.

This intelligently designed case, the first model in ego’s Hybrid Series, is perfect for on-the-go iPhone® users who want convenient access to their favorite photos, music, videos, documents and more without taking up valuable space on their mobile device.

In addition to the superior protective and scratch resistant qualities of the USB Case, all iPhone ports and controls are easily accessible at all times and the USB drive fits seamlessly into the back of the case.

These iPhone® cases and included USBs are available in Blue (4GB), Pink (4GB), Yellow (8GB), Light Green (8GB), Red (16GB) and Black (16GB). Online buyers can mix & match the colors of the case and USB drive or they can keep the look uniform with one solid color choice — that’s 42 different possible color combinations. In-store buyers will be able to purchase Grey cases with the option to select the USB drive color.

I like the idea, but the first thing I thought when I saw this was, “Wow, now I can add more storage to my iPhone!”. This is not the case. (No pun intended). The USB stick, in no way, interacts with the iPhone. This case simply serves as a way to carry your USB drive, without misplacing it. For that use, this is a really great idea. Personally, I don’t use USB drives anymore, since getting a Dropbox account. I usually have internet where ever I go, so that works fine for me. If you need to have a USB drive with you at all times, this case might be for you.

You can buy the cases and the USB drives separately, to mix and match colors. Prices start at $18.75 for just the case and $13.95 for just the USB drive, or you can get both for $34.95. The price goes up if you want a larger capacity USB drive.

You can order these new ego Hybrid cases right from their website.

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