iON iCade Mobile Review: The Ultimate Handheld Gaming Controller For Your iPhone [Video]

I love gaming on my iPhone. The size, portability and game titles make it the perfect go to gaming device for me. But over the years I’ve found some games just aren’t optimized for the touch screen. They’d be better off with some sort of physical controls and buttons.

The iCade Mobile from iON solves a lot of these issues. It gives you a D-Pad controller with eight buttons. It’s laid out nicely and sort of feels like a Sony PSP in your hands – although it is a little bulkier.

The centre is made from a rubberized material so your iPhone fits in nice and secure, and you can even rotate it from landscape to portrait mode depending on the game.

As with the other iON iOS products, they connect via Bluetooth.

When gaming, the buttons and the D-Pad feel solid and are very responsive. I don’t notice any lag or issues with responsiveness.

Here’s my quick video review and look at the iCade Mobile in Action.

Of course, as with the iCade Core, the iCade Mobile is limited by the number of games that are compatible. There is a good selection of games, hundreds in fact, but not all games you’d wish were compatible are. This is no fault of iON. It’s up to the game developers to add the fee SDK into their game.

Despite this, and the fact it’s a little bulky, I really enjoy the iCade Mobile. I think if you’re into handheld gaming, and some of your favourite titles are supported, this is a perfect accessory to your iPhone or iPod Touch. You can check out the iCade Mobile here at Amazon.