Kickstarter: ChargeCard for iPhone [Video]

There’s dozens of cool projects on Kickstarter. You could spend hours browsing through the various categories to see what sort of innovative ideas people have come up with. I was doing this recently and came across an interesting one. The ChargeCard for iPhone. The ChargeCard is an ultra-thin USB charging cable that’s thin enough to fit in your wallet, purse or pocket. At only 2.54mm, it’s slightly thicker than a credit card, which makes it highly portable.

According to creators Noah Dentzel and Adam Miller, “Our quest was simple: a charging cable for your iPhone portable enough for you to always have it on you. Being ultra-portable, however, wasn’t enough; it needed to fit into your life. So we designed ChargeCard.”

ChargeCard uses power from a USB port to charge your iPhone. It fits into the standard dock connector found on all Apple iOS devices, so it should work with iPad and iPod Touch as well. The body is made from ABS plastic and its foldout USB arm is made of a thermoplastic elastomer, which translates into “durable yet flexible” for those who purchase one.

Keeping in mind that many people use cases, and sometimes bulky cases, to protect their iPhone, Noah and Adam designed the ChargeCard’s iPhone port to protrude far enough to work with large cases such as OtterBox, etc.

The ChargeCard is currently 63% funded with 37 days to go, so it should go well beyond the $50,000 goal set by Noah and Adam. Backers who pledge $20 will receive one ChargeCard in your choice of 3 available colours (international shipping is $5 extra). Other pledge levels are offered as well. For $20 it’s a pretty interesting idea, and I’ve pledged for a ChargeCard myself.

What do you think? Does the ChargeCard look like the type of project you would back? Let us know in the comments.