Arctic: Metal Weave & Titan Series Case Review [Video]

With Apple selling millions of iPhones each quarter, it can feel as though everyone has one. So case manufacturers are always trying to offer designs that help you stand out from the crowd. Enter Arctic.

If you’ve been following me or read iPadinCanada, you’ll recognize the name. I did a review of their Architect Stylus a while back. The company now has a couple of iPhone case offerings.

They are the Metal Weave and the Titan Series. Both have beautiful brushed aluminum looking backs. The Weave as you’d expect is a nice 3D weave pattern, while the Titan is smooth and very detailed.

There is no doubt these will set you apart in a crowd, but they do so without being over the top and in your face. These snap-on cases are stylish and elegant.

Have a look at my video review of these two cases.

YouTube video

As I mentioned in the video, the cases offer a soft almost rubberized material around the edges to make gripping the iPhone easier. The cutouts give you ample of room for access, but you can get some flashback if you are using the flash on your phone for pictures.

Of course with a snap-on case you’re losing any type of protection for the front screen. So if you’re someone who lays their phone down face first, you’ll likely want a screen shield.

Overall I’m very impressed with Arctic’s first try at iPhone cases. As I mentioned, they are stylish, really high quality and are very minimalistic cases. If you’re looking to stand out with your iPhone case, you may want to give the Metal Weave or the Titan Series some consideration.

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