Apple Is Attempting To Patent A New Audio Sharing Network iOS Application

Apple has submitted a new patent application last week that aims to introduce a new audio-sharing network feature to iOS. Although the patent relates to hearing aid technology, the feature can be applied in many other situations.

Completely based off patent descriptions, the audio sharing network would be accessible by easy means through an application on your iOS device’s home screen. All users connected to the network will have the option to share audio, along with listen to audio from other connected devices.

In a deeper description, the patent provides an example of a large auditorium. Your seat may be close to the rear of the auditorium, but the teacher is near the front. Assuming the teacher has a connected headset, the audio sharing application can be tuned-in for a louder auditory experience.

The patent pending application also presents a means of sharing audio straight from an iPhone’s microphone. When an iPhone screen is set on a table facing upward, the audio sharing network will begin to record incoming audio. When an iPhone is flipped downward (screen facing table), the microphone will be muted.

The process of entering an audio sharing network is also quite easy. A user has two choices, either to bump iPhones with an already-connected device, or to enter a password and public encryption key. So does this sound like a noteworthy patent to you?

[via Patently Apple]