Look At This 3D Rendering Of The Next Generation iPhone [VIDEO]

Most recently TechRadar has posted a 3D rendering video (posted below) of the next generation iPhone. It’s just a render created within a design program based from past rumors and leaked pictures.

Everything from iOS 6 to the devices 4-inch display is shown in the video. I was pretty much amazed with the work TechRadar had put into the presentation. Watch the video below:

YouTube video

I first noticed the device has 5 rows of icons. The maps icon provided evidence the rendered device was ‘running’ iOS 6. When a side-view of the phone was finally introduced, the headphone jack and mini-dock connector was revealed. Then finally, the back of the device featured a two-toned brushed aluminium alloy.

Siding with past reports, the rendered iPhone sports a depth of nearly 7.6 mm. That’s 1.7 mm thinner than the iPhone 4S.

With any luck, the iPhone 5 event will be held on September 12th. If you’re counting, that is just over a month away.

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