Rogers Poll Finds Parents and Children Bonding Over Technology

The latest survey compiled by the ‘Rogers Innovation Report‘ notes parents and children are bonding over technology via numerous ways. Here are the results of the online survey:

  • Youth and parents say texting is their preferred smartphone and tablet activity (94 per cent for youth and 82 per cent for parents)
  • Youth and parents both look to technology to stay close to family (48 per cent for youth and 52 per cent for parents)
  • Youth and parents largely look to the same brands when choosing a smartphone
  • Both youth and parents are equally using their smartphones and tablets to read books and magazines, shop online and watch sports
  • The majority of youth and parents (both 97 per cent) choose email as the number one computer activity
  • Youth and parents are active with social media. Fifty two percent of youth are friends with their parents on Facebook
  • Apps are popular with both parents and youth:
    • 79 per cent of youth and 56 per cent of parents download apps on their smartphones and tablets
    • Both youth and parents have close to 14 apps on average on their devices

The survey was conducted on July 13-16, 2012, 509 Angus Reid Forum panelists aged 18 to 24, and 511 parents of 18 to 24 year olds. Do you agree with any of the survey results? Do you text your parents to keep in touch?