Rogers: Existing Data Plans to be LTE-Enabled By the End of September, New SIM Required

Customers on existing Rogers 3G data plans looking to switch over to LTE will be required to use an LTE SIM card to surf at the higher speeds, if their device supports LTE. Rogers informs us all existing 3G data plans will be LTE-enabled by the end of September (at no extra charge).

It is all but certain Apple’s iPhone 5 announcement will include LTE-capabilities, and if it happens our ‘Big 3’ carriers are ready. For those with accounts on existing 3G data plans, you’ll need to contact customer service to activate the new LTE SIM we’re told, if you want to use LTE on your device. Normally, customers can activate new SIM cards online, we’ll update this post once we hear back from Rogers if this is possible for these new LTE SIMs.

Of course, any specific information related to the next iPhone isn’t available until after tomorrow’s anouncement.

Rogers (and Fido) recently reminded customers of their Rogers Reservation System via text message, a service that allows the reservation of upcoming devices. Telus also launched an “Easy-Order” reservation page but that has since been taken down. Get ready to buckle up for tomorrow, folks.

Update: clarified the article to note LTE SIM cards are only required if your device can support LTE. ie the iPhone 5