iPhone 5 Orders Include a Free Lightning to 30-pin Adapter in the Box [Update]

Apple’s iPhone 5 event announced the elimination of the classic 30-pin adapter and introduced the 80 percent smaller Lightning connector. Tonight’s iPhone 5 pre-orders revealed Apple looks to include one of these adapters for free with the iPhone 5. It regularly retails for $35 CDN (or $29 US) on Apple’s website, but during the checkout, here’s what the description reads under the accessories section:

Additional Lightning to 30-pin Adapter

“Your iPhone includes a Lightning to 30-pin Adapter for connecting 30-pin accessories to devices featuring the Lightning connector. Purchase this additional adapter to have a second adapter for your home or office.”

This could be a typo, but the wording sounds pretty legitimate. Also note the pricing is $45 listed for the adapter.

Apple’s own description of ‘what’s inside the box’ doesn’t mention the addition the Lightning to 30-pin Adapter:

Did you see this during checkout? We’ll find out when our iPhone 5 shipments arrive. It could just be another ‘surprise and delight’ moment from Apple.

Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

Update: turns out this isn’t true and was a typo. The text has soon changed.