Siri in Canada Location Bug: Defaults to Toronto

Did you update to iOS 6 today? One of the most anticipated updates was the addition of full location support for Siri in Canada. You can now ask Siri about restaurants, movies, sports and more.

However there appears to be bug that has been present in Siri, even leading back to iOS 6 beta. When asking Siri to find a location such as a restaurant, she thinks you are in Toronto. Even with Location Services enabled for Siri, she still spits out results for Toronto.

Here are a couple examples below of Siri thinking I’m in Toronto; no matter how I changed up my question I still got Toronto as a location:


Are you also experiencing any issues with Siri and having your location default to Toronto? Gee, I guess this confirms Toronto really is the centre of the universe! 😉

Thanks @danudey

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