Download Apple’s Official iPhone 5 User Guide [PDF]

Apple’s official iPhone 5 user guide is now available as a free download in .pdf format, as pointed out by folks at iDB. As the iPhone 5 went on sale today, Apple has published a comprehensive guide detailing every bit of its latest smartphone. So while you wait for yours to arrive, we suggest you check it out.

Instead of shipping a hefty user manual with its iOS devices, Apple tends to release .pdf formats of its user manuals and likewise, the one for iPhone 5 is a 155-page long user guide. It details each and every aspect of the device, both in terms of hardware and the preinstalled iOS 6 software. Below is the direct link:

The iPhone 5 user guide is yet to hit the iBookstore but I’m pretty sure it’ll be available shortly. Meanwhile, you can grab the .pdf file and sync it to your iOS device for viewing in the iBooks app.

If you find anything interesting in the manual, don’t forget to share with us!