Knottycase: Sustaining The Story – Canadian iPhone Case Maker Feature Look [Video]

When it comes to Canadians making apps or products for your iDevices, we’ve covered a few of them. From the Pela Case to the Concept Touchscreen Gloves. There are plenty of talented and smart Canadians out there.

So when I heard about Knottycase, I wanted to review their wooden iPhone cases. But I quickly found out they are in Edmonton, and since that’s where I live I decided I wanted to do a little more than just a review. I thought you the readers and my YouTube audience might enjoy learning a little bit more about this Canadian company.

I got in touch with one of the co-founders of Knottycase – Josh Hundert – and he was more than willing to do an interview. That’s when I found out the company is also based out of Vancouver. So Josh and I arranged a time for a FaceTime interview and 50 minutes later I had a better understanding of the passion both Josh and his brother Joey have for Knottycase and they’re desire for the company to succeed.

I know our awesome iPhoneinCanada readers don’t always have the time to watch videos when they’re viewing the various blog posts, but I’d highly recommend you take the time to watch this interview at some point. Don’t worry, it’s not the full 50 minutes. I will have a brief overlook at Knottycase and what it’s all about after the video, but I believe you’ll get the full story from the interview…

YouTube video

Knottycase is all about making an iPhone case that’s not only eco-friendly but fashionable as well. As Josh mentioned, often green products aren’t always the most appealing visually. So with the Knottycase, they’ve really tired to meld the two.

The cases are made from salvaged wood in California and with each case sold, a portion of the sale is donated to the Save The Redwoods League. They go out and replant Redwood groves. Knottycase has recently been working with Canadian soft lumber and says an all Canadian wood case is right around the corner.

While the wood may not be from Canada. the cases themselves are 100% made in Canada. It would be cheaper for the company to produce the cases overseas, but previous experiences showed them they have more control over quality and production by doing it all out of Edmonton. While their profit margin is less because of doing all the work in Canada, Knottycase feels reshoring is an important mandate of the company.

The big question on everyone’s mind is “when is there going to be a case for the iPhone 5?” Josh says it’s in the works and they hope to have it soon. You can actually sign up on their website to be notified when the iPhone 5 case is available. As far as other future endeavours, Josh says they are looking at cases for the iPad and there’s been a strong demand for Android phone cases.

Again, I only covered a portion of the Knottycase story here. To hear more about this Canadian company make sure to watch the interview.

Stay tuned, I have one to the Knottycases and will be doing a full review shortly. And once the iPhone 5 case is available I’ll have a look at it as well along with a giveaway thanks to Josh and his brother Joey.

I also want to hear from you the readers. Are features on Canadian companies similar to this something you’d like to see again on the blog? Let me know in the comments section.

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