No You’re Not Going Crazy, Your iPhone 5 May Be Flickering

iPhone 5 Screen Flicker Example

Have you been experiencing an odd screen flicker when using your brand new beloved iPhone 5? Did you think you were seeing things? Rest assured you’re not, as a number of users have reported the same thing.

This appears to be affecting a number of iPhone 5’s, (including yours truly,) given the growing discussion thread on the Apple Support Communities website.

The issue was first noticed as early as launch day, September 21st.  I had noticed it on my first day of use as well. At first I chalked it up to a random occurrence, but it’s happened to me 2-3 more times since then.

But have no fear. The fact that a large number of people have reported the same issue, likely means it is a software issue (as opposed to being a hardware problem). Phew! Here’s hoping that is indeed the case.

Most users report that the flickering occurs when using the virtual keyboard while in the App Store. There are some other reports of it happening randomly at other points within iOS well. For me personally it is the former – I’ve only noticed it while typing within the App Store, for example while typing in my Apple ID password.

The flickering seems to start when the virtual keyboard is first displayed, and stops when it is hidden again.

There are multiple videos on YouTube that demonstrate the bug, for example this one here.

Sound weird? Apple agrees. When representatives from the “Big A” were asked about the issue, they acknowledged it is “strange” and promised to investigate further.

Have any of my fellow Canadian iPhone 5 users also experienced this? Please leave your comments.

To me this isn’t a big issue, as it hasn’t majorly impacted the fun I’ve been having with my new iPhone 5. But it is curious, and I’m interested in hearing the results of the investigation. Perhaps something that will be corrected in a future software update?

[via The Mac Observer]

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