The iPhone 5 Looks Even More Amazing With Laser-Engravings On Backplate [PICS]

Folks over at Gizmodo have got their hands on what appear to be the first laser-etched iPhone 5s out there, both in black and white color, which quite frankly, truly look amazing. This does give you a really good reason of going case-free with your iPhone 5.

The etched white iPhone 5 looks superb as you can see in the photo above. The black iPhone 5 shown below  Kanye West’s Cruel Summer album cover engraved on the backplate. Another one shows Louis Vuitton monogram engraving.

The source hasn’t mentioned any specific place where these etchings can be done on an iPhone 5. Those who know of such laser engraving places for gadgets in their cities in Canada, please share their phone numbers, address or web sites here!