Virgin Mobile $57 Unlimited Plan Updated with 2GB of Data

Looks like we have some hot three way action now (Fido vs Koodo vs Virgin)–regarding the $57 unlimited plan that is. Virgin Mobile has modified their $57/month plan to match the Fido $57 plan reports MobileSyrupThe latter was updated to match the 2GB offering in Koodo’s similar $60 plan announced yesterday.

Virgin Mobile’s Choice 57 plan includes:

  • Unlimited Canada-wide calling
  • Unlimited SMS/MMS to Canada/USA
  • 2GB of data (previously 1GB); $10/GB overages
  • Caller ID, voicemail
  • Starts November 24th to December 31st
  • $57/month

Anyone jumping on this? Great to see some ‘competition’ happening, eh?